dear 100th blog.

this is my 100th blog. ok i exaggerated. damn i love spell check. other things i love: "being happy". hmmm. happy. doesnt ring a bell. is it some kind of cake? whatever "happy" is it wants nothing to do with me. tinky has been farting all day. and i feel so pathetic blaming the stench on the dog but it IS my dog! she ran away this morning and made me leave work early. sigh. i love her. and happy cake. i have a love/hate relationship with the LIRR. and macs. and someone else... more love than hate though. actually, no hate whatsoever.

happy cake anyone?


Prez said...

ola prez is here!! good luck!!
i support ya like gay marriage!!

stephiesosexy said...

aww yay im a as happy as a homo :)