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As I mentioned before, MAC Cosmetics released their Archie's Girls line last month, making my happy Archie-loving heart sing with joy! The collection went fast, with many of the products selling out within hours of the online release! I managed to grab myself a few of the goodies from the line.

The Archie's Girls collection pays homage to the lovely ladies Betty and Veronica from the classic Archie Comics series. Two very diffrent personalities, each character had their own range line of lipsticks, blushes, nail polishes, powders, and more. Betty is your bubbly and friendly girl next door, with her collection rconsisting of bubble gum pinks, peach, and humble corals. While Veronica is the more daring and sexier one of the two, with her collection made up of vampy reds, deep violets, and bold berries.

Both ladies are lovely, but having grown up on Archie Comics, I grew a never-ending love for Veronica. I felt I could relate to the racy brunnette alot more. And when MAC released the Veronica collection, I was so please with the results! When picking out my cosmetics, I found myself buying almost the whole Veronica line! While the Betty collection was just as amazing, I see alot of myself in the bold and beautiful Veronica!

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Archie bonanazaa!!

Here are a few of the products I got alongside some of my most prized possessions... 
My Archie Comic book collections!

Starting with the lipsticks, I fell in love with the packaging!

Veronica's lipstick

A clean white tube, with the classic Veronica emblazoned across the bottom. Easy to spot in my makeup bag!

Ronnie Red and Daddy's Little Girl

Ronnie Red is a matte red that's not too poppy but maintains a true rouge hue. I see a hint of raspberry in it once applied. I loved that it was a matte red, being that matte lippies stay on for long. I'm a huge fan of red lipstick and this Ronnie Red ahas now become my new fave!

Daddy's Little Girl, I love the name of this lippy! Veronica is definitely a daddy's little girl and so am I! The lipstick looks like a berry-hotpink shade but once applied it is a very pink hue with berry undertones. With a satin finish, it definitely pops! A beautiful shade to wear in the spring, summertime.

Veronica's Nail Laquer "Past Curfew"

Veronica is known for staying out past curfew with her beau Archie! This nail polish is a modest deep berry shade and very easy to apply like most MAC polishes. With about two coats, you're good, and it has a cream finish. Not too poppy, yet still eye-catching. Classy yet sexy like Miss Veronica herself!

Betty's Nail Laquer "Comic Cute"

One of the Betty products I fell in love with! A beautiful rich coral shade, that pops in an innocently girly way. Easy to apply, good after two coats, cream finish. Definitely a summertime shade!

More cute packaging! 
I'm definitely saving the adorable Archie boxes!

Veronica Powder Blush in "Prom Princess".

Veronica gets voted Prom Princess every year at Riverdale High, and very well deserved! This satin-finish blush has a strong berry-pink tone once applied. You don't need to cake this shade on, a few swipes and it pops! A vibrant hue with violet berry pink tones.

Betty Pearl Matte Face Powder in "Flatter Me"

Another product from the Betty line, this golden peach powder with coral hearts is lovely!! Apart from the super cute packaging and design, the hues are so sweet and subtle you can use this powder for many diffrent applications. I have used it as a blush (the hearts) as well as a highlighter (the golden coral).

Veronica Opulash Mascara in "Bad Bad Black"

I love Opulash from MAC, a thickening mascara adding volume to your lashes. This Veronica styled mascara adds thickness without needing to pack on tons of it. 

My girlies Betty and Veronica!

Loved every single product, quite an amazing collection!

Check out how I channeled my inner Veronica 
as I glammed up with her MAC line!

Love reaching my inner Veronica!

Hope you enjoyed!


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