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Welcome to Stephie Selects!

Stephie Selects is my new themed post featuring a weekly favorite of mine. Every week I will select a person, place or thing that I consider to be worth the spotlight. I will be reviewing and sharing my experience with the selection, giving my readers a weekly look at all of my favorite things! 

This week's Stephie Selects are my Campbell's Soups 50th Anniversary Andy Warhol Cans

Andy Warhol's world renowned piece, 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, turned 50 this year. Campbell's Soup celebrated the 50th Anniversary by releasing a series of limited edition soup cans, with labels honoring Warhol's signature pop-art style. Giving a fun Warhol twist to the classic red, white, and gold colored cans we all grew up knowing. Apart from a funky colored label, each can also comes with a brief summary of the series, along with a famous Andy Warhol quote, all found on the back label. Art lovers have dropped millions on Warhol's pieces, but these limited edition soup cans cost a mere $.75 per can at Target. 

Once I found out about the Campbell x Warhol celebration, I absolutely had to get some! These soups were so hot, they sold out in over 4 different Targets! I finally came across a Target that still had the exclusive cans in stock, and grabbed one of each. Never thought a few soup cans could resemble such a work of art! Definitely a collectors item!

The soup cans are sold out everywhere but can be found for sale on eBay !

Check out my beautiful Campbell's Soups 50th Anniversary Andy Warhol Cans after the jump!

Love my Warhol cans!

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for next week's Stephie Selects!


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Went to Target to try and find them buy they are all sold out :(