XXL Gets to Know SSS!

XXL Magazine's featured yours truly as one of this week's Eyecandy!
 XXL got to know the story behind SSS Blog and SSS herself...

XXLmag.com: How did you get into blogging?

Stephanie Arenas: I started blogging maybe when I was like 14, 15. I would have a little journal online but it was personal. Ever since I was younger, I really loved writing and documenting. So, I would have my little blog when I was younger and then that was my favorite past time. So as of late, I started doing it on a more grown-up scale. I go out to different exhibitions, events, museums etc and I cover them to try to get people to go and do something different and out of the usual. It gets a lot of great feedback, which is such a motivator for me to keep it moving. I do it for my own fun, my own hobby, and the fact that I get a lot of good feedback out of it, that’s even better.

Check out the rest of my interview at XXLMag.com !


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