Mani Spooky Monday!

Check out these evil looking little things!

SSS checking in bringing you a spanking new Mani Monday! 

This week, I feature four new manis including my second Spooky Mani and a Bonus Mani!

Hope you ladies enjoy!

Ah, the classic half moon mani!

 So feminine and elegant! Half moon manis remind me of vintagesque beauty. A design found on many burlesque dolls! I've discovered that nails filed at an oval and pointed shape look lovely when manicured with a half moon design. I have filed my nails to a square shape for a very long time but recently decided to try out this oval nail shape and it has greatly flattered my nails! Not just giving my hand a more delicate look, but also fortifying my nails too! I think I have moved on from my square shaped manis...!

Jesse's Girl "Fools Gold" // Forever 21 "Charcoal"

Reinforcement Labels


Not a huge fan of glitter but this polish rubbed me the right way! 
A fantastic formula for all you glitzy gals out there, this beautiful polish only needs ONE COAT to give you those sparkly tips! If you have ever tried glitter polish, you know most glitters are very sheer and require at least 3 coats. Not this baby! The mani you see up there consisted of two coats, and it would have been perfectly good with one, I\m just paranoid :)

I bought this polish months ago, a Milani polish which provides great consistency in their laquers! Tried it for the first time and has opened my heart to trying out glitters more often! Glitter gals grab one at your local Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid!


Milani "Silver Dazzle"

Hope my creepy evil looking tips didn't scare you!

Check out my second Spooky Mani in my Halloween series:
5 Jacks!

I carved my first pumpkin this week and was greatly inspired to try a Jack-O-Lantern mani. Using the classic Halloween shades black and orange, I went for an evil-eyed design, along with the infamous Jack-O-Lantern jagged tooth smile!

Cutesey little bad boys!


I had the pleasure of attending the long awaited New York Comic Convention this past weekend, and did it up with an Archie Comics mani! If you've followed me long enough, you'll know all about my devotion to the Archie gang!! This mani got tons of great feedback, including from one of the artists at Archie comics!! The design was simply put together by using real clippings from one of my Archie digests and top coating them onto my tips. I would have done a way better job but was a bit rushed :( Although, I did truly feel like the true fan I am, sporting this kind of fan art! 

I had an incredible time at Comic Con and will of course cook up a post soon to share with my readers!

Till next mani...!!!!!


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