vintage stephiesosexy.

vintage stephie.

my birthday was yesterday <3 
happy birthday to moi...
i had an absolutely wonderful birthday weekend.
i'm now 23 years young <3... 

wanted to do a special birthday girl post honoring my day of birth... 
so i decided to get some scanned goods and share them with you all <3
here are some captures of yours truly from my bashful baby days to my tumbling toddler days.



alki from year one

always a princess 

my daddy and i <3
draped in guess velour.

stephie twins!

mommy and i on halloween at queens center mall.
i LOVED that costume!

another halloween getup.
yep. thats me in the catsuit.

tanlines and floral dresses since day 1.

what kinda blasphemy is this!!!?

my mommy brother and i.
lmao @ my angry face.

i was a very animated child.

you already know.


my first nude shoot =p

oh and peep the brolic teddy bear collection.

not much of a difference from nowadays.

some things just never change... <3



tanya lavache said...

Sooo Cute!! I loved this post, my fav so far :-)

stephiesosexy said...

Awww thank you sugah ;*