palomas de bilbao

upon arriving in bilbao, i instantly fell in love...
madly in love with bilbao's airport. this airport, being an exquisite architectural work of art.

nicknamed 'la paloma' (the dove), the terminal is sleekly designed with two symmetrical 'wings'
and a sharp tip that was purposely positioned to be seen when approaching the terminal from the sides.
composed of white concrete and glass... filled with wide, bright, luminous corridors. walls of glass
panels, spilling in white sunhine that shines through the mountain ranges. the new terminal is designed
by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava responsible for his astonishing designs, worldwide.

i was too shutter happy with this place...


little miss jet setter.

breathtaking, isn't it???


info: wikipedia and personal experience 


Anonymous said...

its so hawt.

stephiesosexy said...

i knew you'd appreciate this mister architect...

plz hit me up soon... :( its necessary... i'll be on aim.

Anonymous said...

still awesome.

S.S.S said...

So happy you still like... Forgot all about this post.. :)