all work & no play, makes steph a dull girl.

Last week i had the pleasure of catching up with such wonderful company...
Like my close friend Travis, visiting NYC for the holidays. He's one of my closest and bestest friends! and i don't have many of those lol Since he lives so far away i made sure to spend as much time with him as i could <3 Travis and I always go on our little adventures... we're two peas in a pod <3 such a free spirit, jubilant, and outgoing person, Travis and I are the perfect combination... 
Not too many people like him out there .... <33

I felt so loved by my friends wanting to catch up with me since coming back from my eurotrip...
Got to enjoy lovely dinners, happy margaritas, house parties, movies, and trendy midtown lounges ;)
even met awesome new people! But the best part was the lovely company involved <3333

* i have been on an unforgivable hiatus!!!! BUT it has all been due to my up and coming new layout... as you can tell if you look around, it's still not finished!... (sorry for the mess... will be done soon!!) i do my own layouts... graphics, coding, and themes... so in between work, play, modeling, and blogging i am trying my best to finish this bad boy up!! hope you guys think it's coming along well <3

anywhoo... check out my nights out on the town!

little miss scarlet lips! 
my party-time lipstick ;)

In one of our recent adventures, 
Travis, my good friend May, and I went on a triple dinner 
date to Spice. Spice being one of my favorite thai restaurants by 14th. Pad thai, lycheetinis, and two babes by my side.
doesn't get any better than that!


ahhh he's all smiles always!

my two cuties

fancy schmancy staircase wall thing.



tofu pad thai 

travey had duck
he's so experimental ^__^

kissy poo ;* !



my gorgeous may bay bay and i <333

hahahhahah traveyyy <3

started snowing all pretty


snow bunnies <3

love em!


two feisty.

Travey and I took advantage of our time together and got our frozen margarita on quite a few times lol. Linking up with great people and hitting up one of my favorite margarita spots Benny's Burritos. I love this place lol i go there so much, i'm a recognized client lol... delicious mexican food and best of all.... $3margaritas... ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!! umm YES! located on 12th and greenwich. i've brought many of my lovelies to this joint.


more kissypoos ;*

travey and my girl eve <3333

another bennys outing!
with travey, samantha, and lauren <33

two much!

we then headed to the movies to watch blue valentine with my beau and the gang... wonderful movie... very realistic. 

travey in the ladies bathroom smh.


My Travey has now gone back to continue his studies at Kenyon in Ohio. :( i miss him so much already ;'( !!!!!

My girl May invited me on a night out with her coworkers <3 she's such a sweetheart <3 Took me to this great lounge called Tonic on 28th and 3rd. Not too packed, good crowd and DELICIOUS apple martinis!!

my bella May and I

one of May's coworkers, Edwin :)

hot lips!

even amidst great company, 
May and I stuck together like two peas in a pod 
and partied the night away just the two of us loll

Also got to stop by my good friend Delly's place 
where he was hosting and DJing his friends birthday party.

Couldn't stay too long but managed to get a pic with 
the mistaah DJ himself!

had a great week painting the town red with such lovelies!
after all, all work and no play makes jane a dull girl! 

but i must admit, after all the playing... 
i really want my cozy nights at home back lol
and that means..... more BLOGGING <333333


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