what vitamins do you take other than biotin?

your hair skin and nails are, in an analogous way, your overall health's resume.
they ultimately reflect the overall condition of your body.  
If your body is healthy and well nourished,
your cells will be goddess like. 

i used to take a GNC women's multi vitamin. then after studying the label and ingredients it contained, how much potency it had of each vitamin,  i started doing some research.
trying to find out what vitamins will target what i wish to improve.
read on for some 411...

apart from biotin,
some of the other vitamins/ specialties i take are MSM and silica.


msm is a natural form of organic sulfur. its the 3rd largest ingredient found in the human body. msm is usually marketed to help with arthritis. it brings great "side effects" to hair growth.

your hair goes through phases. to be quite general it goes through a "GROWING" phase and a "SLEEPING PHASE" phase.  each one can lasts months or even years.

some people's "SLEEPING" phase can lasts up to 5 times longer than their actual "GROWING" phase.
explaining why some poeple's hair may seem like it never grows.
your hair DOES grow but at an incredibly slow rate.
depending on how long your sleeping stage is. 

one side effect of MSM is that it LENGTHENS your GROWING stage.
therefore shortening your sleeping stage.
in conclusion helping your hair grow more and faster.
consistent intake of MSM is essential because it usually leaves your body very fast.

i hope that makes sense.

more info on MSM's effect on hair HERE.
and more info on actual MSM HERE.


silica helps render moisture. in a way conditioning your cells from the inside out.  it's a very common bodily component. your complexion and hair luster all depend upon silica, which apart from its other properties help your skin and hair to RETAIN moisture.  it also strengthens your hair, and renders it less likely to become brittle and suffer from split ends and dullness. 

it basically provides and helps maintain strength and moisture.
and as you know moisture is ESSENTIAL for glowing clear skin and thick healthy hair.

there are different sources of silica. i take horsetail silica. no it's not an actual HORSES TAIL.
horsetail is a plant...  a plant that's rich in silica.  silica is also found in some bottled waters.
some of my favorite bottled waters that contain silica are FIJI and JANA and EVIAN.
remember what i said about water,
drink that shit everyfuckingday and you good. <3

info on silica's effect on hair skin and nails found HERE.

info on actual horsetail found HERE.


neither MSM nor SILICA actually target skin hair nail improvement. they, instead, have "side effects" that help bring brilliance to your hair, skin and nails with routinely intake

vitamins that your body does not need, it naturally excretes.
 so overdosing on these supplements is not likely at all.  but you should keep in mind
that too much of anything can be dangerous. your daily intake depends on your diet, age, etc.
if you've never taken any of these vitamins, you should start with a small dosage
and gradually work your way up to a higher one, and give yourself a limit.

apart from other vitamins, i try to take 10mg of biotin, 1000mg of MSM, and 500 mg of silica.
sometimes it varies.. sometimes i take more or less than that, honestly.
sometimes i even forget to take my vitamins -____-.

i'm very experimental so i've definitely tried some pretty HIGH doses in some vitamins.
and so far i've been fine. i don't recommend this unless you know your body very well.

usually a multi-vitamin is the way to go.
being that they come with a variety of vitamins and potencies in a very balanced dosage.
they even have multi-vitamins that specialize in nourishing hair skin and nails.
but if you're like me, and like to see fast results in some places more than others,
then take these and other specialty vitamins
and do your research <3

follow the directions on the label and you should be fine.

also, biotin does not come in high doses. the highest dosage i've found is 7.5 mg.
keep in mind that MCG and MG are NOT the same measurements
so pay attention to the label's "supplement facts".

some people have oily skin, some people have dry skin.
some people have flakey hair, some people have dry damaged hair.
some people have brittle nails, some people's nails never grow.
do your research! everyone is different, so find out what's right for YOU!

to me, vitamins are the safest and most natural way to go. 
never give into these mumbo jumbo bullshit products!!
they're usually a waste of money, toxic, or a scam. 
vitamins are mother natures gift to us <3
show gratitude!

if you are not sure where you can find any of these supplements, 
hit me up with a comment/email/ message in a bottle/ telepathic message
and i'll fill you in on price ranges, doses, good retailers and brands.

hope that helped <3 
if not, let me know!!
and if i am somehow mistaken
on any of the above information,
please let me know, too!

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