4 dizzy thou and counting.


just hit over 4,000 views this morning. 
over 4,000 views since early october.
this makes me smile and stuff :)
read on...!!

there was a 2 week period (trip to miami) when i did not post a single thing. traffic was slow, yet i still managed to get dozens of views during those days. thank you so MUCH!  there was also a week where i did not have my facebook running. i had no facebook promotion. facebook being one of the main promotion tools i use. and even THEN i still got quite a few hits. grazie!!!!!

ENORMOUS thank you to anyone who's helped promote my blog somehow. 
you have NO IDEA how much that makes my day!!

you guys are fucking superb.

i wish i can say more than "thank you for viewing my blog"... that seems so cheap compared to my  immense gratitude! i'll try and show my gratitude by updating more often. i'm super driven! 

wether its out of curiosity, nosiness, concern, imitation, influence, inspiration, or even hate... whatever reason brings you to stephiesosexy.blogspot.com, i highly HIGHLY appreciate it! and there will be plenty of posts for your entertainment <3

i just need you to know that my main goal is to BRING INSPIRATION in someway shape or form. even if its a miniscule amount of inspiration i provide....
thats enough for me.

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