original black friday.
no censors or annoying DJs.
kim held nothing back.
dissing diddy drake wayne foxy brown
& the entire clown ass young money team.

what i love best is that it has the lil kim
flow from the 90's that i l o v e so much.
and obviously nickigarbaj does too ;).

the ending is quite hilarious.

anyone who doesn't respect this track is either 

a) born after 1999.
b) nicki garbaj fan.
c) incapable of comprehending the english language.

i am very eager for a queen bee x nicki garbaj debate.
so far, i've had a few, and i've proven my concrete point.
also i've  have had quite a few people agree with me. 
you just can't deny it.

please please ignite one with me <3 <3

found some vintage kim pictures...
enjoy <3


MrzHighlife said...

I grew up listening to Kim and the entire Junior MAFIA. I looved all her songs. I even loved her last album in 2005 (i think) The Naked Truth which a lot of my friends at the time were saying she needs to stop already. I loved her video "Crush on You" with all the wigs. I watched that video a million times when I was young because she was so unique. I loved her girly yet hardcore in your face don't give a shit about what anyone thinks attitude she always had. I still am a HUGE Kim fan and she MURDERED Nicki on this diss. Kim gets big props for this one. If Kim was still coming out with albums and songs I wouldn't even look twice at nicki, honestly. I must say I am a Nicki fan only because I've been listening to Nicki on youtube before she got big. (My brother is crazy with youtube and finds too many things on it lol) I also am a young money fan but I feel like I could be a fan of both and ignore the whole beef because I like the lyrics in a lot of the young money songs. I have listened to the entire Pink Friday album and it's TRASH! Seriously nothing good on it. I was kinda disappointed but if life was fair nicki would stop and Kim would release new stuff. Oh and I love the Kim photos you put up.

Pendekar Berkuda said...

uh...kinda awesome...nice blog...visiting u (^_^)

Jade Honeycutt said...

yikes. I am obssesed with Nicki, then again I've never liked Lil Kim.. yeah never. I can't ever remember a time when I even slightly dug her, but to each his own. Have you listened to Pink Friday? just asking, its pretty amazing. Okay what I like about Nicki, is that 90% of her lyrics never involve sex, or fucking or sucking. Which is dope to me.

stephiesosexy said...

i don't believe in criticizing the unknown so yes i've heard her album.
not impressed... in my opinion, she's mostly talking about how hot and rich she is and how she's shitting on everyone through young money.

with a few love songs here and there.

i just don't appreciate how nowadays the industries filled with a mess of gimmicky clones.

and i definitely don't respect how a newbie tries to shit on a veteran.

because like her or not, you can't deny the fact that kims established her place in hip hop. which is being one of (if not THE) best and most influential female rappers in hip hop history.

how can you as an artist diss your influences..? it's hypocritical. even when your influences become your competition, as a musician you still need to show respect. not use disrespect to boost up the ladder. if anything, you get farther showing respect than you do trying to diss those already on top.

yeah kim talks about fucking and sucking.
but nickis no saint. on almost every collabo she has with a male rapper, she's talking sex. she even talks about sucking and/or fucking the artist she's collaborating with. and at times has mentioned fucking with girls. in a way, using bisexuality as a form of sex appeal. no bueno.

and even if 90% of her lyrics don't involve sex, what DO they involve?

money, fame, and drake/wayne? not a great alternative.

i love kims freedom of speech. we mustn't forget the era when kim came out, there weren't many female artist expressing sexuality. if memory serves me right, it was kim saltnpepa and tlc growing the "balls" to show the world that hey, women love sex just as much as men do. thats pretty brave and revolutionary. paving the road for up and coming females.

meh. hopefully nicki will grow onto me.
i just look at things way too deep. >.<

thanks for reading guys :)