QUEEN BEE x Nicki Garbaj DiSS

Nicki Garbaj DISS

Kims taking out the garbage!!!!!!!!




i am incredibly SICK of NICKI GARBAJ's horrendous gimmick!!!

her idiotic identity crisis... one minute she's gay the next she's not
hood one second barbie the next. mind you... KIM CREATED THE WHOLE BARBIE image. 
 kim been had it..!! even had a "barbie" diamond encrusted chain which she wore in her videos!!

 smfh. nicki garbaj says she's paying homage to kim.. then she's starting beef. wtf??!! 
alter egos??? ... british accents..?? jamaican accents??? BIPOLAR HOE.
 growling, fake voices, accents...  all masking her terrible wordplay!!  
kim NEVER NEEDED all that hysteria! 

i understand people in the industry have a gimmick
okay no problem wtvr...
 but most real artists make up their OWN gimmick...
 not completely duplicate someone else's character!!! 

the only reason this chick blew up so quick is because 
this nicki minaj gimmick is MANUFACTURED PRECISELY FOR the
new teenyboppy, pink haired, skinny jean, corny, bubblegum, plastic, 
colorful, louie bag, ignorant, cheap, "retro", easily impressed generation. 

doesn't anyone see the industry attempting 
to rebuild big and kim through ross and nicki??

NOPE! cuz most of these fans weren't AROUND for big and kim. 
so this is all "revolutionary" to them. it's the same bullshit generation
 that will claim lil wayne is the best rapper in history. idk if this makes me 
laugh hysterically or cry hysterically... hmm..

and okay lames are going to say kims washed up cuz she has surgery 
done and whatnot... umm.... nicki has been out for a year or so and ALREADY 
has ass implants... chick is always out SUPER done up with wigs and extravagant bullshit... 
she doesn't even look anything like she does when she first came out and no one knew anything about her... give homegirl 5 years, and she'll be looking something crazy..  while it took kim over a decade to start looking crazy... PLUS who DOESN'T have fake anything in show business??!! i'm definitely NOT condoning it in any way shape or form, but why are people so surprised??? 

kim was biggie's hoe???
um nicki garbaj is the ENTIRE young money's hoe.

kim, along with other superb female rappers like salt and peppa,
revolutionized female sexuality and the expression upon it!!

nicki garbaj is sexual in her lyrics too. but SHE'S running around saying 
she's gay one second and not the next... confused..???? now, i'm not gay bashing at all... 
i love my gays!! but it's not really cool when a 13 year old girl
 is confused as fuck about her sexual orientation, 
when easily influenced by nicki garbaj. 

kim didn't write her own lyrics..???
even if this is true...
please provide me solid proof on how nicki garbaj does. 
especially with an entire management, marketing 
ensemble behind her and her pathetic young money team.

and if kim is soooo washed up, then why would nicki minaj 
even waste time making a diss track on a "has been"??

that's as nonsensical and desperate as if  
jay-z were to diss MC hammer!!!

oh wait a minute........ ;)

"oh kims just getting buzz off of nicki minaj"

UMMM nicki minaj got her buzz COMPLETELY JACKING KIMS IMAGE!!
so who REALLY got buzz off of who???

so of COURSE kim is going to fire back..!!!

what if YOU had a hard earned career/image and some dull phony lame 
comes out of left field and jacks your entire creation?? even if your career is over... 
you wouldn't just sit there and twiddle your thumbs...!! 
especially when phony lame is throwing shots at you..!!

ahhh i LOVE how kim kept this under wraps..
LOVEEE how she purposely waited to drop it on 
sicki garbaj's album release date!!

"it's pink friday hoe!!"

nope! not no more so stfu.
turning pink friday into a friday the 13th <3
lil kim clone clown hahhahahah

i would have LOVED to hear a biggie beat instead..
who shot ya maybe????


if you think gimmicky duplicates tower over original, authentic sources..
then young money till the death of you.

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