dispose of sanitary napkins here*

happy 4th of july. well, happy belated.
my holiday weekend was... eventful. 

why are us humans so filthy? i went to the beach today. my baby cousin (shes no baby shes 13) was swimming in the water and she came across a floating menstrual pad. yes. a fucking pad. wtf is WRONG with humanity? how do you dispose of a PAD where people of all ages are trying to enjoy a good swim? like who the fuck are you? i cannot comprehend what goes through someone's head when they are literally getting rid of a PAD in the ocean. like "oops gotta change my pad! let me be a nasty whore and bless the oceans with my uterus lining!" gross bitch. people like this need help. i honestly wish i can help them.  wish i can scrub their face with rosy o'donnels used pad.

apart from my vomit inducing experience, i had a lovely time. i tanned my life away. tanning which is one of my ultimate favorite pass times. i don't give a fuck how jersey shore that sounds. it is what it is. a guilty pleasure i suppose.  i brought along my two wonderful friends, and my baby sis and baby cousin. i've been sharing my activities with them alot lately. only because they're hermit crabs and also because my older brother never took me anywhere growing up. i was always home because i was "too young" to do regular shit. fuck that. i am the cool older sis.

this summertime 2010 has wonderfully surpassed my expectations weather wise. NYC has been hitting 90 for a few days straight, last summer i think we had only one day where we hit 85 max. this kind of weather liftens my heart and spirits highly!! i am ALL ABOUT the summertime. growing up in miami  made me this way. it can be 109 degrees out, the streets resembling nothing less than a baking oven, and i will be on cloud 9. i am dead weight in the winter. i might as well befriend a damn bear and hibernate with his ass in some fucking cave. fuck the winter. once the weather starts hitting 75+ i subconsciously  transform from serena into sailor moon. from goku into super saiyan goku. from vulpix into nine tails. from water into wine. i basically hit my prime. 

that is all for tonight. i need to keep it up. baby steps. 
i have not let myself down yet. and i won't. blog wise.

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Cosmetik Junkiee said...

"...let me be a nasty whore and bless the oceans with my uterus lining!" omg this line will forever be engraved in my memory. You are hilarious. I definitely kno what you mean, tho cuz I saw a piece of poop floating on the beach and felt exactly like that. People are disgustin. Besides that, was nice spending 4th of july with you