deceitful rush.

how much money does a booming business like six flags make a day? and how many employees do they have throughout the entire theme park? and what is their salary range? how much power do they use? how much is their "electricity bill"? how much food do they end up throwing away at the end of the day? and where do they dump ALL of their daily wastes? why aren't there as many recycling cans as there are garbage cans? why am i thinking about these unanswered questions as this roller coaster tries to take me awaaaaaaay....!??

it's all so bittersweet.
i went to six flags today. first time this summer. i of course had a blast. the rush nitro gives you when you are about to drop from the highest point, cannot be put into words. it's simply a feeling nothing else in this world (not humans not food not drugs not alcohol not nature) can give you. you can't help but feel like a hyper sunshine filled kid running along the park; excited and anticipating the next ride. but at the same time i am enjoying myself, i am also asking myself the above questions. they just keep rouletting in my mind. completely interrupting my naive fun!! it almost makes 6 flags a guilty pleasure. i happily contributed to an earth murdering, greedy, filthy monster dolled up in a sundress. if anyone has any answers to my questions please let me know.

i took my baby sister as a gift to her recent graduation, along with some more family. sigh she's growing up so fast. i love seeing the innocence in her 13 years of life. its so warming. she's so beautiful. i wish i was a better role model sometimes. i mean, i'm not terrible but i can definitely be better! and i will be.

i have a few pics to share. please excuse the quality. they're iphone pics. :( left the camera home.

baby sis showing off her sexy new braces <3

baby sis and baby cuz. they grow up so fast sigh...

i remember first seeing this when i was 4 years old.

no makeup on looking like i just hit puberty  -___-

i encountered this majestic beauty in the golden kingdom
and as i fell more and more in love with it more questions arose...

is this the only habitat he is exposed to?
your benefits are obvious, but what are his?
how many hours is he side showed? 
why does he appear so malnourished to me?
is this really a "wildlife perseverance" attempt?

i truly don't mean to run up on 6flags being a harsh critic.
i just can't help but be curious about things most people disregard...

either way i had a wonderful time and will guilt-fully visit 6 flags again soon :(.

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