little black dress shoot.

edgar mattey. nov 08.

i specialize in beauty and glamour.
i have TONS of beauty shots.
barely any glamour.
so i had to whip out the little black dress and the stems.

it's not that i prefer beauty over glamour. not at all. it's just that most glamour shots are very sexy and sometimes when things get too sexy i cant really be a part of it. anywhoo. the shoot took place in the bronx. i had another shoot the night before in the bronx also. that one was with max concepts. glamour too. but lets just say the the makeup artist and i weren't on the same page that night.

luckily though the makeup artist that shot me in the little black dress kicked ass. check out  great girl very talented and sweet. 

i've shot with edgar ( ) once before in a little WHITE dress. loved the results and had to come back for more. he's great to shoot with very funny sweet and comforting. catches great angles and is so passionate about his job.

i arrived to the shoot an hour late. 11am i believe. only because it was all the way in the bronx parkchester i think and i was coming from bayside queens! and yes by train! anywhoo no excuse i guess... i bought them doughnuts to make up for my tardiness <3
apart from the little black dress i shot in some casual lingerie. very soft and light look. played around with another soft look. then sha-bam!!! switched for the jessica rabbit meeeeeoooowwwww look. which ended up being my fave!  had to be at work at 2 so i rushed out but still had a great shoot! edgar and i are brainstorming a great idea... glamour, gown. and basketball. that's all i can say... i usually get my pics back super quick. but being that i had to travel shortly after the shoot and i can barely ever make it to the bronx i just got them back yesterday. 

after the mattey shoot i had a NOMA magazine beauty spread in december. those pics will be up next promise. and ever since i got back from paris and the new year began i havent shot once. with all the DRAMA new york greeted me with i had to put modeling to a halt. sigh. but i'm back on my grind with a few upcoming projects.


those are some big files. i'll resize next time ;).

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so hot so sexy!