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It's time for some of Stephie's Selects! 
Last week's Stephie Selects starred my Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Series. As much as I love my Warhol soup cans, they are pretty hard to find... making it difficult for my readers to come across them. So this week, I bring you a Stephie Select that you'll be sure to find just about everywhere... Well, only if you're 21 and over though... 

This week's Stephie Selects is Samuel Adam's Cherry Wheat!
Yes ladies and gents, yours truly SSS is quite the beer gal. And I must admit, I am very picky with my beer! I won't drink just ANY beer. I love the art of beer brewing and the mass culture behind it. So many different brews, ales, lagers, flavors, and backgrounds make up the beer world. And I absolutely love having all kinds of different options in life. You'd be surprised how much effort goes into producing some of your favorite beers. It's an absolute art form!

One beer that I simply cannot turn down is definitely Samuel Adam's Cherry Wheat. This brew is unbelievable. Generally, beer has a somewhat bitter taste... specially to the non-beer drinker. But in 1995, the genius brewers at Sam Adams concocted a phenomenal recipe that included two very sweet ingredients: honey and cherries! 

I've had the pleasure of sampling different beers from all over the world, SA Cherry Wheat being one of the most memorable. The taste is absolutely unique. Malty, refreshing, easy to drink, all while carrying the rich flavor of cherries throughout the taste. Finishing with a hint of honey.

Pairs amazingly with just about everything, complimenting smokey salty foods very well. A sweet, refreshing accent to your meal. I recommend this beer to all beer lovers and even non-beer drinkers! If you don't like beer, try SA Cherry Wheat... It's very easy and pleasant to drink. Cherry Wheat is available all year round and is best served from tap.

Yum yum Cherry Wheat!

Let me know what you think of Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat!

Hope you enjoyed this week's Select!


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