Summer Sunday!

Hello my lovely readers!

I have a treat for you all today... a brand new themed post: Summer Sundays!

Every Sunday I will share with you a collection of pictures showing some of my summer fun throughout the week! Being the sun worshipper that I am, I take full advantage of the very short yet fantastic summer NYC has to offer. With my handy dandy iPhone by my side, I try to capture every sunny moment... and now I get to share those moments with my readers!

With everything from delicious dining to summer fashions, my Summer Sundays will be packed with summertime fun! Check out this week's Summer Sunday! 

Last weekend I had some glow-in-the-dark fun at my friend's house party in Brooklyn!

Glowstick fun!

Got to see my beautiful cousin Celeste celebrate her becoming a QuinceaƱera!

Had some drinks at the new Mamajuana Cafe in my borough, Queens! 

Super tasty Melon Mojitos at Mamajuana's!

Gave into a guilty pleasure.. Hawaiian Hot Dogs at La Perrada de Chalo in Queens... Too good!

Got picked up in a limo! Woop!

Had one of these bad boys.. Wild Blueberry flavored beer by Sea Dog. 
Perfect for the summertime! Highly recommend it!

My beau surprised me with this superb Archie x Mac pins!

... and with the beautiful sunflowers too! My favorite!

I was very appreciative of the surprises! <3

Had some sweet family time over a delicious sushi dinner!

Too delicious!

Had a lovely brunch with the beau! Love diner food!

Took a stroll in the city ;)

Had some party-fun at GoldBar!

Took a quick time out with bubbles and wine!

Ended my week with a smile!!

Hope you enjoyed this week's Summer Sunday!


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