SSS featured in Privacy in Public's blog!

Nothing flatters me more than when I see dynamic and inspirational individuals complimenting my work. It truly makes my day! I had the absolute pleasure to be featured upon Privacy in Public's blog recently. Privacy in Public is an ever-growing, NYC based clothing brand established in 2007. Carlton Yeito, founder of P.I.P, surprised me with the lovely post on the brands blog, introducing SSS to the P.I.P audience! An absolute delight!

The concept of Privacy In Public is based on you as an individual. Put yourself in a situation where your surrounded by dozens of people, suddenly you drift off into your own world. Not realizing everything around you. That is Privacy In Public. Being able to tap into your inner conscious at any point or time to help visualize an idea from what you see around you.

A beautiful concept that all of us can intimately relate to. Privacy in Public embraces fashion ideals while  bringing forth a humble, positive energy. The boldly approached designs carry such deep characteristics to them, that each piece seems to tell a story by itself. A beautifully unique label that grants causality through a striking demeanor.

Take a look at Privacy in Public!

Make sure to check out PrivacyinPublic 's beautiful collections.

Thanks for the feature P.I.P !!!



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