Technodrome x SSS

Logging onto Facebook one night I expected the usual mundane updates. Obnoxious promoter event invites, a few message inquiries, a photo comment here and there etc. And as dragging as facebook can get, this login was a bit different. Upon logging in I came across a photo that blew me away.... that photo is the gorgeous artwork you see above.

Joshua Williams is the mind behind the quixotically manifested creator otherwise known as Technodrome. Revolutionizing familiar faces through his visionary expressions, NYC based Technodrome embraces a whole new twist to the common portrait. His creative endeavors influenced by a Basquiat-Warhol fusion, Technodrome see no boundaries when handpicking his characters. SSS being one of his latest recruits, I am incredibly flattered by such gesture! Specially when coming from such a bold imaginative. 

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Alex DeLarge.

My favorite.

For more Technodrome check out his 

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Thanks for the fantastic portrait!


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