Puppy Love For Sale!

Hey Loves!!! Allow me to introduce you to this honeysuckle-sweet puppy. The last one left of my doggies recent puppy litter, and my absolute favorite.  He has a variety of names such as boo, booski, hunny munny, and other cute pet names  that come to mind when I see him. 

Reason why he doesn't have a set name, is really because I've always been very indecisive on keeping him or not. When selling my other pups, I'd always hold hunny munny on the side for myself. Out of the entire litter, he was the fastest learner, most energetic, and definitely the most adorable one! Plus he was keeping his mommy in good company. Curious, quick and bold learner, VERY playful, and VERY affectionate <3

But now I've come to the conclusion that I've no time for two doggies. Having my doggy Tinky is enough of a situation for me to handle. It truly breaks my heart to have to give up my hunny munny. But I've realized I have to. And it's either now or never since he's at the perfect age to find a new home and be able to quickly adapt.

So here I am trying to find my precious gem a loving home. 

*click on pics for larger image!

Breed Group:  Mix between the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Yorkie

DOB: June 2nd 2011

Expected Weight: 7-10 (Lbs.) 

Expected Height: 9-12 (Inches.) 

Color(s): Black with tan and white highlights

Coat:  The coat is fine and smooth. With a few furries on the ears, neck and belly.

Coat Care:  Maintenance usually requires brushing often o minimize shedding. 

 Character:  Torkies are very energetic, get attached, loving, and are very affectionate.

Temperament:  They may or may not like other pets. Depending on the age they meet them.

Training:  Torkies are easiest to train when they are very young 0-5 months.

Activity:  This breed needs moderate exercise. 

Life Expectancy:  12-15 (Yrs.)

Here are pics of my baby 
around the time he was 0-1 month old.

Here he is now at 2 months old.
(very recent pics)

His floppy ears make me melt <3

The "I'm so innocent" face!!

The "I didn't do nothin wrong!" face!


Hella camera shy!




They grow up so fast ;*(

And here are a few instagram pics 
of my baby while growing <3


LOOOOVVVEEEEEE his mask-like spots!!!!!!

sigh <3

LOOOOVVVEEEEEE his mask-like spots!!!!!!

You're adorable but STAY AWAY from my shoes!!!

Love when he's a lazy bum <3 White belly <3

He misses his baby brother!

A quick and bold learner. It's as if he's not scared of anything!!!

A little TOO curious!!!!

his mommy <3

mommy and her baby

He has a shoe fetish!

Ugh I love you so much!!

Sigh it's going to be sooo hard to let go of my heart!! 
So I hope to find a warm loving home for this gorgeous piece of heaven <33333

Any SERIOUS inquiries please contact me at

Subject line "puppy love" ;)



Epiphany said...

is he still available????

S.S.S said...

yes he is plz contact me at sss@stephiesosexy.com