one of the BEST  things about europe is the geographical unity the european countries have.
you can visit up to three countries in one day! everyone is everyone's neighbor. while on my trips to
france, i usually visit other countries as well. having had had the benefit of visiting Venice, Belgium, 
holland, spain and even greenland... a eurotrip can really stretch out! this time around though, i
re-visited spain and holland. more specifically bilbao and amsterdam. 

now, ignorantly and honestly enough, before my trip i haven't even HEARD of a place called Bilbao.
but when my daddy surprised me with this trip to spain, my endless curiositty and anxiousness began
tingling.... i was about to visit not only a place i have never been to before, but a place i have never
heard of before!! and boy did i discover a whole new world within bilbao....

bilbao is kind of like a hidden city... literally hidden amongst an arcopalogo. smack in the middle of
looming mountains, you come across a metropolis of lights, bilbao. what impressed me the most about
bilbao,  apart from the culture, architecture, and atmosphere... was the feeling of independence. maybe its
the remote location of bilbao, but while walking along the streets of this city, you get sense of autonomy. 
self government, voluntary exclusion, sovereignty. i brought this up to my dad, and come to find out, i
was quite accurate. with parting factors such as their own language, Euskera, locations, and a healthy economy
in the mix,  bilbao seems like it wants to gain independence from spain. hmmm. 

roaming the streets of bilbao i notice the city slowly undergoing a new physical transformation, a bit 
'futuristic' like. modern architecture flowing throughout its avenues and alleyways. bilbao is also home
to one of the Guggenheim Museums. an architectural haven. 
which i didn't get the chance to visit. ::heartbreak:: :*(
next time i suppose.

but one place i fell deep in love with in bilbao, was it's airport.
the most phenomenal airport i have laid my eyes on.
my next post will be dedicated to the airport...
but for now... here's a glimpse of my days in Bilbao!

map of bilbao... so you guys can kinda get an idea of its location.

on my way to spain.


mtns. <3



missing puzzle pieces...





these little trucks were everywhere! loved! selling food and stuff ^__^



love the cozy, traditional streets...


creepy hotel halls.
heeeeeeeeeeerrrreeeeee's Johnny!!! 
one of my favorite films by the way.


you're truly testing out my baby.




daddy and i decided to do some shopping at the local mall.
bilbao, actually spain as a whole is a bargain hunters haven!



thought this store was hella cute.
and check out ya boy striking a pose.


whoa whoa whoa!!!


looking for a new years outfit...






daddys girls for life.


gorgeous baby i encountered at a pet shop in the mall.
(yes i call animals babies)



now i hit the streets of bilbao!


every things bigger in texas bilbao

i made him stand there ^__^






mail box




makes no sense to me. it's a game room... how are kids not allowed???  lol




lost city in the mountains...






under construction... this citys coming up!!


pay phones.






came across this lovely little book store...
my dad was in search for a dream dictionary....

and i found these BEAUTIFUL agendas!!
ahhhh how convenient!! i totally needed a 2011 agenda!


and how sweet it is to find it in bilbao! 


so i can be reminded of this lovely city for all of 2011 <3
my 2010 agenda was from north korea...
so this 2011 agenda from bilbao totally goes with my 
out of the country trend.


the one that stole my heart <3

and my dad found his dream dictionary!
this little bookstore had it all :) 

shopping center
"the english cut"




school in bilbao... very classic.


some odd furniture i encountered.
doesn't look too comfy... but awesome colors!


little me ^__^

reopens at
4:30pm to 8:30pm

a big european trend is for shops to close for 
1-2 hours during lunchtime. after lunch, they re-open.
i think we need this system here in the states!


so within this 2 hour lunch gap... daddy and i got lunch
after all, when in rome... do as the romans do! ;)



love glamor sex!!
hahaah found this hilarious
such a western image... ;)




these are bars by the way...


major language in bilbao... Euskera... apart from spanish of course.
this language is taught in all the school in bilbao...!



leaving bilbao now :'(


passed by this awesome looking building on the way to the airport...
some kind of alien communications dept. ;p

next post i'll take you on a black and white tour of
bilbao's spectacular airport...!!

hope you enjoyed!


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