hipstamatic x 305

i have quite a few obsessions.
i'll touch base upon two today.
hipstamatic and miami.

the above is not a hipstamatic print.
just yours truly in a coast guard hat ;]


nyc zombie.

gorgeous is an understatement.

beautiful Odill

sweet Arlyn

lovely Patty


MrzHighlife said...

OO i love all your shots! Where is that location with the white pillars and the black bench. Is that like a restaurant? oh and this has to be the best app ever.

stephiesosexy said...

thank you thank you! i tend to be quite annoying when hanging out with friends... snapping away with measly iphone 4 lol.... the place with the pillars is my friend's penthouse in south beach.. it was breathtaking!!!!! yesss hipstamatic is totally worth the 2 bucks!!! i like your hipstamatic shots too very fancy ;)