dedicated to my secret admirer...

my latest post talked about how pleasantly surprised i was to see my blog get over 1000 hits in just a week.  a bit after the post was up, i received a very delightful comment from an anonymous visitor:

"sweetheart, i think it's only because you post half naked photos of yourself. sorry, but, you're not terribly interesting otherwise."

well sweetheart... according to my hit counter and YOUR I.P. address, my blog has been viewed from your mac, on YOUR firefox 3.6 browser, over 20 times.

i don't know about you, but i think someone's terribly interested in what i have to say ;)
i wrote this post just for you, showing my huge gratitude for all the 20+ hits you've added on to my blog <33

thanks and please keep coming back!
-half naked blogger


my secret admirer's last 10 activities...

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not ONLY do you constantly check my facebook for a blog update... you also give me 10+ hits a day,  you also wake up bright and early to check my blog out, AND you go ahead and check my portfolio out as well! such a devoted fan <33 i appreciate you immensely!


gibran said...

lol yessss. its even more beautiful when a model fights back ;) he probably feels real unsettled to say the least. guess he wasnt reading that your getting better at html

Alexandra sulea said...

Lolol! Can we put this post in the blogger hall of fame?

Itshell said...

hahahah high five! GOT EM!