Mani Monday!

Hello lovelies! 

Thanks for tuning into this weeks Mani Monday! 

This week I'll be sharing 3 new manis with you guys, along with the inspirations behind each one. 

I also included a few  snapshots of my nail polish stash! :)

Hope you gals enjoy!


Ahhhh... cheetah print manis!!... You can never go wrong with them!!

It's been quite a while since I've let my inner cheetah girl out. But this week, I was greatly inspired to do so. If you've followed my Mani Mondays long enough, and if you have a good eye, you would have noticed the difference in my recent nail shape. For a very long time I have been sporting square tips. I now file my tips into a more feminine oval shape. The narrow shape has a sort of claw feel, embracing my inner feline! Thus a cheetah print mani was a go! Added a little pizazz with the turqoise spots on my thumb. Quite the feline diva!

This is my FAVORITE nude shade... OPI's San Tan-Tonio. 

I have many others... but I cannot seem to let go of this bad boy!

these pussy cat claws can be hella dangerous!!!


OPI "San Tan-Tonio" // Sinful Colors "Nirvana" // China Glaze "RefreshMint" // 
LASpalsh "Sparkling Stratosphere" // Rimmel "Black Satin


Dotting Tool

Check out my autumn gradient mani!

A warm toned gradient underneath a solid black. Making the undertones really POP!!

This mani inspiration came from the beautiful shades of autumn all around us that we experience at this time of year. The warm hues throughout all of Fall's leaves are an absolutely gorgeous phenomenon. 


American Apparel "Sunshine State" // Sinful Colors "Cloud 9" //
OPI "Let Me Entertain You"// Rimmel "Black Satin"


Sponge // Tape

Pretty in Pink!!!

I can be quite the pro at all things girly...!!!

There's beauty in even the smallest things! So with that said, I found this mani inspiration right on my doggy's leash! She's a girly girl just like me, so she sports a pink-spotted leash. The cutesy leash striked my fancy this week as I took her for her nightly walk. Came out a bit messy but I was in a bit of a rush at the moment :(


WetNWild "French White Creme" // Revlon "Temptress" // 
NYC "GreenWhich Village" // OPI "Let Me Entertain You"


Dotting Tool

With all of the weekly manis I cook up,  my polish stash can become quite a mess as I clutter through finding the perfect shade. And ever so often, I decide to organize my growing polish collection. I organize them through gradient form, and now that I think about it... I organize everything in gradient form! I love gradients :)

Just a few captures of my stash. I, of course, do a count when my polish organizing comes about... and I so far have 183 different shades. Which to me is a very small amount :( But I am working on multiplying it!

Hope you enjoyed!


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lauren s said...

holy shit, girl. love it! Nail art is great art. Good work!