Mani Monday!


It's a WILD Mani Monday!!!

This week, I released the wildcat in me with a daring cheetah print mani! 
Went from FIERCE to CHIC with a golden half moon design... 
and ended the week with a new design I haven't tried before....


Last week, I mentioned how I was tempted to do a full cheetah print mani, something I've never done before. Well, I was feeling a bit daring one day and decided to give it a shot. Good thing I did because in the end, I was VERY happy with the results!!  

Don't know if it's my love for neutral colors, or the matte/gloss effect, or maybe the sexy cheetah print itself, but I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this mani! I even kept it on for most of the week. And got plenty of compliments on it. Oddly enough, many of them coming from the fellas lol! 

Freehanded design painted with my nail art brush, matted the base and highlighted with glossy black spots. Added a little more style with the black on black ring finger accent. Loved using one of my favorite polishes on this mani: OPI's "San Tan Tonio". 

I've gotten great feedback on the mani, so I'm debating on a possible cheetah print mani tutorial video :)

I am SO inspired to make many more cheetah print manis! Colorful ones.......... :)


Polishes: OPI's "San Tan Tonio" // Jesse's Girl "Fools Gold" // Rimmel Londons "Black Satin" // Essie "Matte About You"

Tools: Nail art brush

My wild streak ended with this chic and classy mani. I love half moon manis, but I only like doing them when my nails are at a decent length. I feel like they make my nails look shorter. But the design is so feminine and elegant, it's an absolute must sometimes!

Kept the half moons glossy and matted the navy blue finish. It looks black, but the shade is actually a very deep blue. Gold and navy always make a great combination. The golden half moons glisten and even resemble jewelry. Lovely mani! I want to try this half moon mani with a deep, crimson red next time...

Polishes: Jesse's Girl "Fools Gold" // Essie's "Midnight Tango" // Essie's "Matte About You"

Tools: Reinforcement labels

With the awesome mani streak I had all week, I decided to give a new design a try. I've always wanted to do a zig-zag look, but have always been intimidated by the difficulty in it. This was my first attempt!

I feel I could do a WAY better job now that I am getting the hang of it. But I must admit, I am not too happy with the way this came out :( It's all good though, because practice makes perfect!!!

Also, this purple is WAY darker in person, but for some reason came out very light in the pics. My camera is trying to play tricks on me ;) 

I promise to master this design...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Polishes: China Glaze "Lemon Fizz" // China Glaze "Flying Dragon

Tools: Tape

Nail Drama...!!!!

This catastrophic event took place this week. And I have NO IDEA how!!! 

I was simply removing my polish one night, when I discovered this disaster!!

I was left with 3 options:

A) Cry

B) Cut

C) Correct

Option A was very tempting, but eventually I chose C. 
With a tea bag, scissors, and an endurance polish, my tiny terror became insignificant!

I didn't get a chance to take a pic of my healed nail but if you check out this weeks manis up there ^^^ every mani has my mended thumb under the design. You can't really tell it's broken :) 

I'll have a pic next week, when I re-apply the mend onto the broken nail.
 I might even do a tutorial on how to mend and fix your tiny terrors :)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks manis!