Mani Mondays!


Hey guys! i have a new themed post! <3 

Mani Mondays!!!

every monday, i will be sharing some of  my nail art with you!
it's become somewhat of an addiction to say the least.

the thing is though, i have discovered that i have a creativity problem. i need to release some kind of creativity EVERYDAY. wether it be through nail art, graphic design, blogging, layouting, photo editing, or even at work. i find myself relieving my "creativity itch" on a daily basis. if i don't... i get kinda stressed. sigh. my new found release, nail art, has become a very addictive one. and pricey one. considering the tons of polishes and nail art supplies i buy nowadays :( 

like i've mentioned before, i was inspired by a very talented and very popular nail art blogger named erica. her nail art skills are fascinating to say the least!!! very girly, very nail savvy, very simple yet captivating, and NEVER EVER tacky...! tackiness being very common in alot of nail art blogs :( i have learned alot from following her site. check out her awesome blog here

after being hella inspired i grabbed ahold of my polish brush and haven't let go since then :( i do about 3-4 diffrent designs per week. yeah, its that bad. if you follow my blog, you probably have noticed all of the different nail designs i've posted on my hipsta-instas. i always get questions and great feedback on my nail art. plus i have been considering a second themed post. and voila! out came mani mondays. i was a bit hesitant... being that i don't want my blog to favor one sex more ethan the other. i like my blog being unisex lol... but whatevs!! maybe some fellas out there can enjoy some nail art too? <333

apart from fixing my creativity itch, nail art is also VERY therapeutical for me. after a long day, it relaxes me. i take my time, chill out, focus, and let my imagination roam free upon my little fingertips. thing is though, no design seems to last me longer than 2 days. 3 max. this is because i come up with new designs all the time. i need a mannequin hand. baaaaaaahhhhhh!

i will be sharing anywhere from 2-3 designs per week. 
along with the polishes and tools i used. 

oh and... these are my real nails. 
if you know my blog by now, 
you know how much i <3 all natural everything ;)

by the way i'm no pro... just very inspired :)

polishes: h&m's polishes in "light purple" //  "dark purple
they're not too creative with their polish names -______-.

tools: tape.

polishes: sinful colors in "see you soon" //  l'oreal in "honeysuckle".

tools: tape.

polishes: OPI's "let me entertain you" // sinful colors "black on black" // brucci "french petal"

tools: nail art brush.

most if not all of my designs will have seche clear as a base and seche vite as a top coat.
i highly recommend seche vite top coat to all nail enthusiasts out there!!

fast drying
very protective against chipping and other crap.
love love love this top coat. 

feedback is always welcomed, anticipated, and appreciated..!!! <33333
hit me up for any questions on designs, polishes, or tips!

hope you enjoy <3


Chloe0602 said...

Aww, thank you so much!! I am absolutely loving your leopard mani!

MrzHighlife said...

ooo the cheetah one is nice i have to try it.. i didnt know it was that easy!

stephiesosexy said...

you're welcome and thank you tons erica! coming from you makes me hella flattered ^__^

keep up the awesome work!!