new tumblr layout. smh.

new tumblr layout.
for the 3rd time in a little over a month.

if you've kept up with my blog, you already 
know about my ever so changing mind.
specially when it comes to my designs.

i went for a very light, opaque look. 
i feel the  translucency provides a touch
 of elegance, fragility and even femininity.

a bit seraphic like.

and of course, it's still not finished.
therefore no title yet.
but will be soon.

also wanted to touch upon my current 
blog layout since i havent done so yet...

it's all moloko-plus, isnt it? v.5

if you look on my sidebar on the left side ▶
you can read a bit about this layout and what inspired it.
i'd say it's 90% done.
better yet i'm 90% satisfied.

these zoomed out screenshots really do my layouts no justice.
pushing pixels around and shit -__________-

if you're wondering how i do this stuff, what i use, html inquiries, etc...
hit me up. i don't bite <3

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