destination: doggyland

T'was a beautiful mid sixties day yesterday. My  darling Tinky and I had to take advantage and enjoy it. I had been promising her for a while now that I would take her to the dog park, her first trip to the dog park. And yesterday I kept my promise. Took pictures of our journey to the doggy wonderland. But before I get to my mini adventure heres something you should definitely check out tomorrow!! My friend Falcon is having his photography exposed in the lovely LES [my new home]. He's talented and only gettin better. Great artwork great people great time check it out!!! !

And now time for my babygirl to shine you know what to do just

Saturday April 11
Chari & co Bicycle shop
175 Stanton St ground floor

TinkyLove is ready

hittin up houston right around the corner from the crib

bumped into some pretty blue flowers along the way

always loved this

tried to pay a friend a visit but found only an empty store ;(

moving on...

someone's happy

the forbidden diner. long story good food though.

time out for a scratch

stay sniffin on corners little junkie

another time out for a scratch

bumped into cammy and jimmy

we made it, Tinky!

now to find the doggy section!!

where's the doggy section? follow the fellow canines!


doggy heaven

Tinky being a social butterfly

cute mutts

no Tinky no. go play.

sigh. she gets what she wants one way or another  - _ -  ;

Tinkys new fanaticpsychostalkerloverdogwhowontstophumpingher

sigh he wouldn't stop. I know the bitch is fine but damn!


The little white dog was too much for Tinks so we had to call it quits. I'm promising myself [and her] to take her out more often to the dog park. She needs to be out socializing a bit more. And that makes two of us. Sigh ;(

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